Maybe-Asked Questions

Stuff you may or may not want to ask me about, but I'm going to answer anyways.

If it's not answered here, feel free to contact me through Matrix/Discord.

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What does Autigender mean?

That autism influences how I see my nonbinary gender. It's a pretty recent label coined by the Autistic community, but it's not a new concept.

What hobbies do you have?

A lot. I do archival, draw, be the world's cutest anarchist, take funny pictures of my toys, take those toys on adventures, share current events commentary, and more. I also garden.

What does your (online) name mean?

It's the Lenape verb for a baby nursing. Picked it to be cutesy while fitting with my cultural heritage back in mid-2021 and never looked back.

What the heck is a Gigirassy?

Long ago as a 12 year old in 2018, I went by the name "ggrassy" on social media, naming myself after a character, "Grassy" from the animated web series Battle for Dream Island. I eventually abandoned that persona. Then in 2020, I decided to come back to main social media under a previously-abandoned account named by that on FANDOM. Then, it became Gigirassy, because I had previously called myself Gigi after the first two letters in that name. I don't go by Gigi anymore. However, the alias "Gigirassy" served as an artifact I had wanted to keep. Until now. I hate that name now.

Why do you like Blitzwing so much?

I just think he's a neat funny guy and I relate to him. We're both brainfunky, speak in funky ways, and have frequent mood swings. Animated Blitzwing is not the only incarnation of him I appreciate.

Ok, so you're an anarchist. What's your specific political ideology?

Semi-pacifistic Furry plant anarchism with abolitionist and bootlegging/shadow archival-supporting priorities. Books are fun. (1 / 2)

Why are you weird?

Being a cool weirdo is an act of bravery.

Can I have a link to your anarchist/revolutionary ebook archive?

Sure, shoot me a message on the Matrix protocol.

Are you employed?

Nope. My family has absolutely no income other than government and cashback money.

Where is the nearest exit?

Ideally below.

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