The personal website of Nune.

Hello. I am Nune (nu-neh). I'm a 18 y/o neurospicy-flavored Transformers Animated fanatic who thinks Blitzwing is neat and loves anarchy. I use ey/em pronouns, which work exactly like singular they without the th. I'm also Autigender.

In my free time, I take funny pictures of my toys, advocate against lawns, do archival, have unhinged convos with my closest friend, and talk/debate about funny robots on TFW2005.

The most reliable way to contact me is through Discord or Instagram DMs, both of which are located under the usernames. If you don't use these services due to privacy reasons, Matrix can also be used at the cost of a later response.

Sections of this site: Blog (new!), Services (new!), TF collection, cool sites, MAQ

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Fun facts about me:

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