#1: My Quest to Get McDonald's Animated Blitzwing

written on 6/15/2024, last updated 6/23. content warnings: none.

I recently developed a little bit of a hyperfixation on this toy. He's an adorably terrible and doofy-looking toy of my Brainrot Comfort Character. Transformers Animated Blitzwing, that is. The problem? He was only released in French McDonald's for some unholy reason. This was a tragic event. He should belong to the people.

Image of McDonald's Happy Meal Animated Blitzwing with his French-language instruction sheet behind him.

...especially me. I am officially going on a quest to obtain him. I'll outline my methods here.

Me and a friend on Discord both want this toy. They found a French site called leboncoin (a lot like eBay), and there are two listings for the toy on there. One is a single Euro, and one is about 5 Euro. Both fair prices. I'm sure he'll pop up more occasionally; according to the TFA superfan Keyan Carlile, the toy is really common in France. [src]

Image of two listings for McDonald's Happy Meal Animated Blitzwing on the French site Leboncoin.

However, the only proxy service I found for that site that ships to the US has a shipping rate of 70 euro. That's pretty overpriced and I doubt the cost would actually be that much. I got my regular Animated Blitzwing from the UK through eBay and had to pay around 25 bucks to get it. That's still expensive, but more probable.

So, what will I do instead? I'll ask around in some UK spaces, and ask for people to get in touch with me. It will be the most important quest of all time.

Why did the French take him away from us? (disclaimer: this is just speculation and should be taken with salt)

My conspiracy theory for why he wasn't released in the United States is because of the toy's complexity. It either didn't fit the American McDonald's budget as a result, or the smaller parts wouldn't fly with American higher ups. After doing extensive research and looking at the toy's instruction sheet and images of him online, he seems to have slightly more complex engineering. He's got: Tiny flip-out feet, vaguely articulated doofy little boot legs that I'm pretty sure can sit (update: he can), flip-up shoulder pads, a hide-away head, and arms that can waggle. In comparison, the rest of the Transformers Animated McDonald's Happy Meal toys don't have such high articulation points. Lugnut, Starscream, Optimus, and Megatron have absolutely no robot mode articulation,, and Bumblebee and Ratchet can only waggle their arms.

Blitzwing, in comparison, can move his arms and legs. Add the tiny flip-out boots and flip-out shoulder pads, and there you got a more complex McDonald's toy. Does this speculation really matter? No. But it's fun to talk about.


Regardless of the lore, I really wanna get him. He's the closest thing to a Legends Scale Animated Blitzwing figure, and he's very doofy and terrible. But that's why I love him. If you have one and am willing to sell it to me (preferably through a private eBay listing) for no more than 30 dollars (it may be exclusive, but it's a common exclusive for pete's sake), let me know through the contact methods listed on my index page..

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